At Chestnut Hill College, a Spring semester English class is blogging about their experiences with all things related to food. 

Point A to Point B

Every location is known for a specific type of food. Back home we were known for our corn, apples, and most of all seafood. Unlike Massachusetts, Pennsylvania was not known for there seafood (especially not Chartwells). Although each state, and country is known for their specific food we are able to get them even if we live thousands of miles away just by going to the grocery store a few blocks down the road. Unlike how food production was fifty years ago people don’t even think twice when they are shopping for mango’s, and coconut’s about where they actually are coming from.

Time to Get Back to Our Roots

     The food industry has become a double-edged sword. On our side of the sword, we rarely know where our food comes from-- if we know anything at all-- and the ingredients put into our food read like a laundry list of unrecognizable chemicals. If you need convincing, read the label on a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese or on a general package of meat. Do you know where tartazine (Yellow No.5) or sodium nitrate is grown? I did not think so (though, I applaud you if you do), but I can definitely tell you it was not nurtured by soft soil or encouraged by sunlight to rise from the Earth.

The Beginning of Unpacking the Food System

If you're anything like me, when you're hungry, you eat whatever's the easiest and quickest to make. College only indulges my laziness. Excuses as to why I don't change what I'm actually putting into my body, such as lack of time, lack of transportation, and the "broke college student" stereotype mollify the red flags I get when I'm staring down at my plateful of genetically modified food.

The "Before-Life" of Our Foods

The food we eat comes from various places; whether it is a bag, a box, or a plastic container, everything we eat has an entire life before it reaches our local grocery stores. You're probably wondering why it would matter what happened to your food before it makes its final stop at your kitchen table. Honestly, I never thought it mattered like the majority of you. 

Where in the Heck Does Our Food Come From?

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? I'm serious, have you ever just looked at your plate full of warm mashed potatoes and a succulent crispy piece of chicken thigh with a side of your mother's delicious green beans and said to yourself, "dude, I don't even know where this came." 

Okay well most likely you haven't because it's more important at the moment to devour your food versus pondering your food's whereabouts before it hit your plate. However, I honestly believe that it is important to understand where food comes from.

Packing Yet?

If you're like me, you like to consolidate. Here I've listed a few packing tips if you're traveling for the school year. This list is made for the flying Griffins especially! But a lot of these tips can go for the family car trip from surrounding cities in Pennsylvania as well!

SpaceBags are an amazing product. If you are packing clothes and towels and your blankets and whatnot. Saved me a whole extra suitcase to pay for on the Airline commute.

Returning Griffins, We've All Learned Our Lesson

During my first year as a Griffin I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do and what to bring and what not to bring for my dorm room. I've asked other students to help me come up with a list of things to help prepare freshman and even returning students with moving in and getting settled for another great year!

Dorm room:

Incoming freshmen:

I Like Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the Rain

On Earth Day, my classmate Andrew and I went with Dr. Myer to the new garden at Sugarloaf. We measured the length and width of the garden in order for Dr. Myer to plot the points into a computer to generate a virtual layout of the garden. While we took the measurements, it started pouring rain and we had to work quickly before it got too muddy. I was really glad to have the opportunity to spend time outside on Earth Day, even though Mother Nature attacked us with her tears.

Farmer Markets

Coming from a family of vegans and vegetarians and also being a vegetarian myself, we shop the majority of our foods at farmer markets and co-ops. I personally love the idea of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, considering anything else packaged has been wrapped in plastic material for days, if not months. But after going to the farmer market with my mother, I saw for the first time the fact that the vegetables cost way more than the packaged and less healthy foods.

"The Liberty to Feed the Poor" Response

Today in class we were given an article titled "The Liberty to Feed the Poor" and it addresses the common issue of Good Samaritans all across the US being fined thousands of dollars for giving free food out to the poor. In a country with a staggering amount of hungry people for a "developed nation", but also with a large violent crime and drug problem among this population, what is the right thing to do?