At Chestnut Hill College, a Spring semester English class is blogging about their experiences with all things related to food. 

Aspect of Genetically Modified Foods and Health

There has been a very controversial issue with the creation and consumption of genetically modified organisms. There has been questioning whether or not people should be allowed to modify organisms especially because it may be linked to issues with consumer’s health. Through different experiments and studies such as Martinelli’s experiment on female mice fed on a genetically modified soybean: effects on liver ageing. Genetically modified organisms are organisms that had their genomes altered in some way.

A Second Chance at St. John's Hospice

     I had the opportunity to join Campus Ministry on their trip to St. John's Hospice, located in Philadelphia. Our goal was to make several hundred peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the homeless community that St. John's Hospice serves every day. St. John's was founded by Monsignor Anthony J. O'Neill and The Little Brothers of The Good Shepard. It is a shelter for men that assits them in various ways, such as assitance in housing and serving a warm meal every day.

(Squash)ing Hunger

Recently, our English 105 class was given the opportunity to volunteer at Philabundance, an organization who provides food for charities like soup kitchens in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas. Once we arrived, we were split up into groups performing different tasks around a large, circular conveyor belt. My group's job was to grab food off of the belt, and then placed them in their corresponding bins. All-in-all, it was a fun bonding experience with the others, and also a very fulfilling opportunity. 

Broad Street Mission...a Life Lesson

Coming from a small town, there is only so much I have been able to witness. Growing up, I did not see people on the side of the street or people standing on the side of the roads with signs begging for money, food, shelter. I knew homeless existed but I feel as if I never understood the severity of what being homeless really meant. It was not until I went to  New York City for the first time that I saw the number of people that are homeless. It was almost surreal to me and a part of me had a dire need to help those who were unable to help themselves.

Philabundance; giving back has never been this fun.

     For those of you that have never heard of Philabundance...its about time! They are a great non profit that aims to "beet" hunger through donations and their hundreds of volunteers. I discovered philabundance through my English 105 class. As part of a class requirement, all students must fulfill three service activities of their choice. The service activities all have some sort of food component to them. This could be anywhere from serving food at a homeless shelter or boxing food donations at Philabundance.

What Philabundance Is All About

On Friday, April 1st I had my first experience with Philabundance. Philabundance is an organization that was created in 1984 with the goal of providing local communities with food, and today it helped around 90,000 people each week. Before arriving at Philabundance, I had heard about their food-resuce mission but I never knew what it consisted of. I was surprised upon entering the building resembling a factory that the atmosphere was friendly and energetic.

Beet-ing Hunger in Philadelphia

During our experiences in this class, we all had the opportunity to volunteer at an assortment of food-based service projects in the Philadelphia area. Recently, I was able to volunteer at Philabundance's facility with a group of students. The organization was founded in 1984. Their mission is to assure that no family goes hungry in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey area.

Alone we can do little, Together we can do much

Through our English 105 class we were able to volunteer at few of different locations. The two which I was able to go to were Broad Street Mission, and Philabundance. Broad Street Mission is a soup Kitchen with a twist. Instead of the classic line and cafeteria style serving methods most soup kitchens have Broad Street mission is like a restaurant. I love this concept because it allows them to keep their dignity as human beings. Philabundance on the other hand is a non profit food bank in Philadelphia and Delaware.


According to A.Y. Chulayo and V. Muchenje, "animal welfare incorporates behaviour, feeling, the ability of an animal to cope in different environmental conditions that are conducve to the well-being of the animal, disease control, management, and humane slaughter." Their journal review provides both a succint definition of animal welfare, and an unbiased viewpoint concerning this topic.