CHC Helps Make Dreams Come True

Are you confused as to which major to choose?  Are you not sure what kind of career you want to have?  Many soon-to-be college students have these thoughts.  In fact, most current college students are having these thoughts as we speak.  While you do need to declare a major sometime during your college career, you do not need to feel pressured to pursue a certain career with that major.

Case in point:  Lauren Moffatt.


Lauren Moffatt is not only a graduate of Chestnut Hill College, but a well-known fashion designer.  Her major was in Fine Arts.  Although, that major is no longer offered here at CHC, you can decipher that Fine Arts didn’t really lead Ms. Moffatt straight to fashion design.  After working as a graphic designer for some time and always having a love for fashion, Ms. Moffatt found herself a business partner and moved to New York City with the hopes of starting her own fashion line.  And now the rest is history!


She has become a famed designer- a favorite of fashion bloggers and editors alike.  Her clothes are a darling mix of whimsical prints and delicate fabrics.  Each collection she designs has a certain girl and story in mind.  She always designs her clothing to be worn by the “everyday girl” who can mix and match pieces with her own wardrobe.  She is definitely one of my favorite designers.

To learn more about Lauren Moffatt, visit her website here.


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