Quidditch World Cup


On the weekend of November 12th the Chestnut Hill College Quidditch team went to Randall’s Island in New York, for the 5th annual Quidditch World Cup.  This was Chestnut Hill’s 4th World Cup and the Griffins were ready!  We were one of nearly 100 teams to compete in the two day tournament with teams from all over the country and a handful of international teams.  The Griffins had a great weekend filled with some epic battles, brilliant snitch catches, and many, many laughs!

Here are what some players had to say about the event:

Senior and four year Quidditch veteran Jeremy Miles said “I have been thrown on a team full of students who may not have spoken until Quidditch.  Seeing all these people who don’t know each other at the beginning, then play as one cohesive team as if they have been playing together for years is truly amazing.”

“The World Cup was a great experience.  I met people from all over the world and got to spend time with great friends,” said first-year Cristina Diaz.

Caroline Stutz, a senior chaser said “I’ve been a part of many team sports, and the sportsmanship, positivity, and support that our CHC World Cup Team showed was greater than anything I’ve ever experienced.  Despite the hardships we faced during our World Cup games, we gave it our all, playing both aggressively and cleanly. The World Cup and Quidditch in general, should always be a fun, entertaining, light hearted event.”

Although the Griffins did not take home the trophy, we played our favorite game and had an incredible weekend!


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  1. Katie says:

    My sister and I roadtripped up from Maryland to NYC for the World Cup. And it was freaking awesome. So proud to come from one of the founding schools for Muggle Quidditch. :)

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