Once Upon a Mattress

CHC’s Community musicals that I’ve seen since attending the school include The Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, and Songs for a New World but I would have to say that my favorite show was this year’s Once Upon a Mattress.  It was funny and adorable and the entire cast seriously was so good you’d have thought they were just playing themselves but with medieval costumes on instead of 21st century clothes.  I am actually pretty jealous of some of the girls’ costumes because they were pretty and flow-y and they looked comfortable on top of being super cute.

Senior music major Kelly Wilson did an amazing job playing Princess Winnifred the Woebegone while drama-newcomer freshman Michael Yancey gave a spot-on performance as the innocent and sweet Prince Dauntless.  Senior Jackie Trujillo wow-ed everyone with her beautiful, operatic voice as Lady Larken alongside her beau, the brave Sir Harry, portrayed spectacularly by freshman Bryan Mottershead.  Senior Devin DeVoue’s musical stylings delighted the audience as he narrated and sang the story of this Princess and the Pea remix.  One of my favorite characters was the mute king, his voice silenced by his overbearing and obnoxious queen.  He was played by community member Andrew Godliman and even though he didn’t speak for the duration of the show, his facial expressions and actions were enough to captivate the audience and cause people to burst into fits of giggles.

once upon a mattressThe above picture was taken from last week’s CHC Weekly, the school’s electronic mini-newsletter to update students on current happenings at CHC.

Basically, if you didn’t see the show- you missed out.  Shame on you.

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